Easy Access for Recycling

  • Once a Month Free Hazardous Waste and E-Waste Pickup

  • 12 Hazardous and E-Wastes Drop Off Locations

  • Free Refrigerator and A.C. Pickup for Safe Recycling

  • Free Washer & Dryer Drop Off Locations

  • Doing Barbeque is Free in some Public Parks

  • Free Indoor Swimming Pool ($2)

  • Free Sporting Facilities ($2)

  • Free Community Space Rental

  • Senior Center is Free for Residents

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Make Recycling Easy 

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  • Once a month hazardous waste pickup

  • E-wastes pickup 

  • 12 hazardous wastes and e-wastes drop off locations (Earn Points and Get a Gift Card/City Credits for bringing items in.)

  • Free Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Washer & Dryer pickup

  • Set the national standard for recycling

Environmentally-Friendly Affordable Housing
with a community space

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House Construction
  • City-owned care homes

  • City-owned apartments and townhouses for moderate-income and low-income households

  • Affordable housings for students and singles near De Anza College.

  • City-owned affordable housing for single mothers with a child/children

Senior-Friendly Community

Smiling Senior Couple
  • Home visits for seniors who live alone

  • Transportation Service for seniors

  • City-owned assisted care home

  • Wish list for help from volunteers

  • Events for seniors to meet other seniors including evening events

  • Senior Center is Free for Seniors 55+ & Transportation Service Available

Volunteer List & Pool of Volunteers

Volunteers Cleaning
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  • Did you know that more than 50% of the residents are foreign born? They need help with English. Volunteer to teach English today! Seniors are welcome! Transportation will be provided for both parties.

  • When city have projects such as vacant home's front yard cleanup, we will make announcement for volunteers. Join in and enjoy the community-making!

  • Contact the city when you need help of something that someone may be volunteering to do it.

  • A Large Community Bulletin Board at the front of Cupertino Civic Center near the Library.

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Safe Neighborhood and Crime Prevention

Surveillance Camera
  • Paved Pedestrian Sidewalk

  • Safety check of the crossroad at Stevens Creek Blvd. and Saratoga-Sunnyvale Rd. for pedestrians and bikers including Lawson students

  • Safety check and additional signage of alert at Bandley Dr. and Stevens Creek Blvd. 

  • Surveillance camera placed after public crimes reported to the city to prevent the same crime happening again in the same neighborhood. 

Community Kitchen Garden
Backyard entertainment
Girl at Playground

Organic Residential Neighborhood Park

  • City-owned vacant house may turn into a usable house for various city projects.

  • The front and the side yard can be a space of get-together where locals and neighbors can meet, rest, spend time together.

  • With a bench or two, raised organic gardens, and a children's play structure if there is enough space. Monkey bar can be a great tool for adult's stretching and exercise, too. 

  • Trees and bushes native to the location can survive and entertain the community through seasons.

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Homeless Rescue

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  • A small margin of the city's budget can be contributed to save lives of the people dying on the street.

  • City would offer temporary shelter, medical cost, therapy cost, rehabilitation cost, vocational, educational and job training cost, so that those who live on the street can gradually get back to the norm.